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LMA® Unique EVO® Airway

LMA® Unique EVO® Airway

The LMA® Unique EVO® Airway from Teleflex is a fixed-curve, first-generation laryngeal mask that is designed specifically to support fiberscope-assisted direct intubation with endotracheal tubes sized up to 8.0 mm for effective airway replacement including unforeseen difficult airway situations. The LMA® Unique EVO® Airway is available in a full range of sizes with both pilot balloon and Cuff Pilot® Technology.


Product review summary

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Ordering Information
1D2010 1 BX
1D2015 1.5 BX
1D2020 2 BX
1D2025 2.5 BX
1D2030 3 BX
1D2040 4 BX
1D2050 5 BX
1D5010 1 BX
1D5015 1.5 BX
1D5020 2 BX
1D5025 2.5 BX
1D5030 3 BX
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