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Thrombix® Silver Topical Hemostat
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Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

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Thrombix® Topical Hemostat

The Thrombix® Silver topical hemostat is applied topically as an adjunct to manual compression and is indicated for the control of surface bleeding from vascular access sites and percutaneous catheters or tubes. Thrombix® Silver contains silver chloride to prevent microorganisms commonly encountered in the clinical setting from colonizing on the pad.

- THROMBIN-JMI® can cause fatal severe bleeding or thrombosis. Thrombosis may result from the development of antibodies against bovine thrombin. Bleeding may result from the development of antibodies against factor V. These may cross-react with human factor V and lead to its deficiency.
- Do not re-expose patients to THROMBIN-JMI® if there are known or suspected antibodies to bovine thrombin and/or factor V.
- Monitor patients for abnormal coagulation laboratory values, bleeding, or thrombosis.

MC-007697 - Rev 1. Revised: 03/2022.

Thrombix® Topical Hemostat*
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3100Thrombix® Silver Topical Hemostat
3101Thrombix® Topical Hemostat